Here a just a few testimonials from the many that trainers and coaches receive following trainings and coaching sessions

Trainer Testimonials

“I would recommend this 1000%!! When you come on an mBIT training, you’ll have an opportunity to learn in the best possible way and you’ll take on truly life-changing skills, knowledge and insight.”

“Finally, I’ve discovered a profoundly simple framework that complements and ties together all the other modalities I use in my coaching … mBraining. The Training was deeply transformational as well as being a lot of fun! I’ve made new friends and joined an amazing community.”

“I loved this course. If you wan to help yourself, others, enjoy coaching or want to get into it, this is a joy to attend.
My mBIT trainer delivers in such an easy manner and mBIT itself makes total sense. Of course we need to align all of our senses, brains, inner voices, whatever you want to call them.
You will not be disappointed. This is life changing stuff! Treat yourself”

“I am a GP working in a busy practice and I found the mBIT Coach Certificate course to be absolutely excellent. They say physician heal thyself, well now I actually can. As a GP I help others, I make quick decisions, sometimes critical decisions, on the spot. Now, with mBIT I feel less stressed making decisions. mBIT helps me deal with stress, mine and my patients. I would love to see my fellow colleagues attend this course.”

“Truly transformational. I have been on numerous forms of training and development over the years; as an engineer, as a leader and as a sales person. However this one has brought the most value to me as a person.”

“Throughout my professional and personal life I would routinely place the needs of others before my own. As a consequence, my own self-worth and happiness was reliant upon the external validation and approval of others. Nevertheless, I remained confident and successful; however, felt that I had lost myself along the way. Traditional coaching assisted me attain several goals but failed to address the overwhelming feeling of detachment.
I was introduced to mBraining and attended the four-day mBIT workshop with an open mind. It was life changing.”

Coaching Testimonials

Assistant Director

“When I first heard about mBIT Coaching, I thought “Oh my life!” It’s a whole new level of coaching. It’s a much deeper connection to your thoughts and feelings from your body. It gives you a more intense, deeper understanding. I’m not sure if I’d have got there, had those insights, in a different coaching session. The power comes from the heart for me.”
If you’re stuck, and other things haven’t worked, use this. You have to go with it, switch off and listen. Sit with it, keep repeating the question, something will come. Don’t overthink, ignore the immediate “I don’t know”

Retail Assistant

“The fear of losing my mind was huge. I would have tried anything. Wow – I left feeling like a weight was lifted and I headed straight for the beach – somewhere I hadn’t been for months being so bogged down and zero energy for anything other than home. My brain fog has gone! Memory still a bit dodgy but definitely improving. I have more energy. Am sleeping better, feel more motivated – optimistic and positive. My focus is huge – can now concentrate on the moment instead of my mind feeling crowded and jumbled. (No more conversations/debates in my mind and more decisive). I have more patience and tolerance to stressful situations. I am accepting of myself, my faults and all and have a new found confidence. It feels amazing!!!!!! I am so relieved and enormously grateful for this gift.”

Business Consultant

“I had been dealing with quite a stressful relationship within the family, all of which I had already rationalised out in my mind, yet the occurrence of conflict kept reoccurring. What I found to be so profound was the depth of new awareness I connected with in the mBIT coaching session.
My heart was not engaged, and my head and gut brains were getting on with what needed to be done, in a rather functional way. With more heart now present I am experiencing the challenges in a very different way, my frustration is greatly reduced and my ability to remain calm, compassionate and flexible in my approach continue to grow.
I am so grateful to have found a coach with such a unique coaching tool and it is a process I continue to use for myself with profound results.”

“Every time I have a session with my coach something new appears and I can’t wait for the next session! I didn’t really get the whole gut brain, heart brain thing before. I suppose I was sceptical… Well of course I would be, since I was completely cut off from my gut (& had chronic issues with my digestion for a decade); didn’t trust my heart and spent all my time in my head being practical and bored!
Now I am learning to include all 3 brains in my decision making and creativity and the world has become a joyful, playful place again. If you want to tap into your true desires, express yourself creatively AND have the energy and motivation to follow through get mBIT coaching.”