Resolutions the mBraining Way

Making resolutions can be done differently, embodying mBraining in your life means you do things differently, more sustainably.


New year’s resolutions interest me – for a long time I have felt that they are probably a good thing – and yet, at the same time they have never held much appeal.  Perhaps because being in a post-Christmas state and thinking of “All the things I should be doing” can feel slightly depressing! At best they have felt like yet more things to add to my to do lists. So I’m curious – If you have made one or more resolution this January – how are they going?


Rather than make resolutions this New Years day – Steve and I went for a walk in the countryside and it had a profound effect on me.  My heart lifted and felt so light and free; I was deeply touched by the beauty of our surroundings, and I felt a joyous gratitude in our companionship as we walked. My mind became quiet and still – settling in to the freedom and simplicity of walking in nature. I could appreciate anew, and with a pure clarity how precious this is to me. I also felt a pleasurable strength and wellbeing in stretching my legs and covering the miles, a tingling sense of being fully and vibrantly alive.


My whole being responded so profoundly, that I felt a deep, resonant wish to do more of this in 2019.  I was surprised that when I posted this on facebook, a friend replied ‘What a great resolution’ and I suddenly realised where my resolutions had been going wrong in previous years.


Resolutions at New year don’t need to be a head-based statement of what we ‘should’ be doing differently , but instead can be a fully embodied: head, heart and gut expression of what our soul deeply longs for.  Imagine how it would be to have your whole being resonating, aligned and moving naturally and easily towards what you truly wish for…..  If you prefer the sound of that kind of a resolution– an mBIT coach could help you to find out what you truly want – and the great news is that mBraining is enjoyable and effective all year round, not just on January the first!



Dr Henrie Lidiard

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