Sales & Marketing Workshop (UK), 4th January

To build our skills and impact as a community, Christel Friberg Land, Reb Veale  & Mark Deacon are collaborating to offer a workshop dedicated to business growth. You’ll learn practical skills and build your 2020 marketing plan
A Morning of Sales
o The mindset of selling authentically and congruently, and dealing with limiting beliefs.
o Learning to spot the four different customer types and how to adapt your communication to each type.
o The benefits of having a defined sales process and how you can improve your results by creating your own.
o How to handle objections and procrastinations in a way that moves the sales forward.
o How to ask for a sale and close a sale calmly and confidently.
o How to do email follow-ups in a way that triggers a response.
An Afternoon of Marketing
o A guided review of your website to identify ways you can improve conversions, search engine rankings and more.
o How to design and put together marketing materials that trigger a response.
o How to do your own marketing without using expensive tools and graphics.
o Copywriting tips and tricks.
o Using social media to promote your business.
o How to build a brand for a small business.
Finish the day off by building your marketing plan for 2020.
If you’d like to sign up, just follow this link: