Welcome to mBraining.co.uk

Welcome to mBraining.co.uk

We are pleased that you have found this site, it is a culmination of many hours of work that brings together the trainers and coaches of the mBraining community here in the UK & Ireland.

I first encountered mBraining through my wife Reb Veale, who being an early adopter, had seen an article written by Grant Soosalu in 2013. So enthused at what she had read, she looked to see where the next training was taking place, only to find out that it was in Australia. Instantly realising that this was not realistic for her she contacted Grant directly.

As it happened Grant had just agreed to come to the UK with Marvin Oka to run the first mBIT Coach Certification Training in Europe. Forward pace a couple of years and I was completing  a Coach Certification Training, this time with Dr Suzanne Henwood in Birmingham in 2015, the week before the 2nd UK mBIT Trainers Training in Bath on which Reb was a participant.

So here we are in the later stages of 2018, with 13 active trainers in the UK & Ireland and a larger number of coaches, many who use their skills and knowledge in the organisations they work in and the others who work as independent coaches, facilitating and working with clients on a one to one basis to achieve their true potential.

This site is here to support the inquisitive and wantonly curious, those that may have found this site from a search engine result no necessarily being ‘what is mBraining?’ or any other search involving mBraining. Maybe you were looking to find out more about ‘gut intelligence’, or ‘’intuition’, maybe your start was ‘neuroscience in coaching’ or ‘personal development courses’. Whichever way brought you here, there is much information to chew over, resonate with your heart or provide evidence. We site some 25 books as reference material and have a number of interviews with remarkable brains including, Bruce Crier of Heartmath and Richard Boyatzis.

This site is here to help you find a certified mBIT coach that you can work with, our use of map location technology keeps this simple and clear, you just hover over the location marker and all the details for that person appear, you can click right through to their website to find out more about them, the way they work and of course their contact details, so that you can see if you and they are a fit.

This site is here to help you find mBIT trainings, again using the map location technology, it simple to find a trainer both by location and courses offered, contact them with a single click and book onto their next course offering. Many will, also be able to help you find accommodation if you need it, after all they know their area well, often working with local B&B’s & hotels regularly.

So enjoy your visit, this is a site worth a bookmark, the blogs will be from many in the community and will be added to regularly, with so many from the community here, there is sure to be new and interesting content appearing both here and on their websites and Facebook business pages.


Mark Deacon

mBraining UK & Ireland

website Co Ordinator