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Why qualify an mBIT Coach

You may be already coaching, in which case you can add the mBIT modality to your tool kit. Many of us have come to mBraining via this route but it is not exclusive.

You may have an interest in your own personal development and understanding how you may not be using your multiple intelligences as effectively as you could. Lots of previous participants have found the 4 day coach certification training, personally transformational (have a look at the testimonials)

You may be working in a support or managerial function. What you learn on the coaching course has applications in so many fields it would be impossible to list, but just imagine if you were able to help another person breakthrough the barriers that were holding them back, help someone to reconcile an issue that was causing them distress and uncomfortableness, what if you were able to better understand how another person was doing their stucking of a situation, you would have so much more ability to support and assist them in their achievement. Powerful stuff!

You may be someone who is contemplating a change in career or direction and is wanting to provide support in the form of coaching but as yet has no experience or qualification. There are many people who have already completed the certified training and are using mBIT with clients safely and competently. It may be that qualifying is the first step on your journey and will undoubtably lead to you continuing with your own personal development as you add other modalities later.

What links all the above, is a desire to both improve our own quality of life with a desire to turn up in the world differently, having a positive impact in the world around us.

mBIT coaching is growing in demand, as more people experience it for themselves and let others know the benefits they have discovered like improvements in health & wellbeing, sustainable decision making and conflict resolution being some examples, more people are contacting practicing coaches for sessions.

Listen to an interview with Dr. Marcia Reynolds about her new book, ‘The Discomfort Zone’
and her work on helping Coaches tap into their deeper heart and gut intuitions in coaching.


Coach Certification Criteria

Coach Certification Criteria










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