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Why choose an mBIT Coach

This is probably the most common question people ask.

We are not in the business of suggesting that mBIT is the only form of coaching that is successful in supporting change in clients. Clearly there are many successful life coaches and business coaches working with clients getting results that the client is happy with.

Having been coaching for many years our experience both as coaches working on issues and opportunities using mBIT and as coaches using the mBIT tool in sessions with clients, is that it is transformational. Using the mBIT tool enables a client to generate their own emergent wisdom, not just once but in their life going forward.

mBIT Coaching is about liberating the human spirit within you.

Check out the testimonials of previous coaches and a word from Grant Soosalu co-developer of mBraining

Often we can find ourselves wrestling with decisions in life, this may involve us having internal conflicts that we are either aware of, or, that may be deep in our unconscious and preventing us from taking a decision that we are comfortable with. We are blocking ourselves in some way.

Other forms of coaching focus mainly on what we are thinking, they may be concerned with what we are trying to achieve, this is known as outcome focused coaching, and can achieve considerable results. Often what we see from this approach, is that a coachee may say and cognitively understand the benefits of the actions required to achieve the outcome stated, but then cannot take or maintain those actions. Its almost like there is something that resets the system.

mBIT coaching goes further, it facilitates the coachee to become aware of their other intelligences Heart & Gut, and to establish greater communication with them. Once communication is achieved the coach respectfully and gently facilitates bringing them into alignment and working at their highest expressions. From this point we experience an emergent wisdom, something we have not been aware of before that guides us in the situation that we are working with.

The beauty of mBraining is that once a coachee has experienced the process they have the resources to implement it in all aspects of their life, liberating themselves. Powerful stuff.

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