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"Heart Intelligence and What Makes Your Heart Sing"

Bruce Cryer (click image to listen)

We spoke to Bruce Cryer from Heartmath about heart intelligence, its links with multiple Brain Integration and his new project 'What makes your heart sing' and why it's so vitally important to focus on finding joy and passion every single day.

Bruce is Global Director, HeartMath HealthCare, founding director of HeartMath UK and HeartMath South Africa, and co-founder of What Makes Your Heart Sing. For eleven years he served as CEO at HeartMath (USA), an innovative research‐based firm offering scientifically-validated products and award‐winning technology to boost performance, productivity and health while reducing stress.

Bruce’s clients include Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, the NHS (UK), HP, NASA, Boeing, L’Oreal, and the Samueli Institute. He is co‐author of the book "From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance" and the Harvard Business Review article “Pull the Plug on Stress”. Bruce has been a faculty member of the Stanford Executive Program since 1997 and was named a Top 50 Thought Leader in Personal Excellence. He has been interviewed for or written in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Inc. magazine, Fast Company, Modern Healthcare, Leadership Excellence, and medical journals such as Stress Medicine as well as many other business and health publications. A series of major health challenges convinced Bruce to transition to a variety of new roles more closely matching his passions. A former actor/singer/dancer on Broadway, he has even revived his singing and dancing skills as a “keynote performer” helping audiences align your work with what is most alive and inspired in your heart

"Head, Heart & Guts of Leadership"

Dr. David Dotlich (click image to listen)

We spoke with Dr. David Dotlich about Adaptive Leadership and his work on the importance of bringing head, heart and gut to leadership in complex and changing business environments.

David Dotlich is the Chairman of Pivot and has been named one of the Top 50 Coaches in the United States. He is a former Executive Vice President of Honeywell International, founder and former President of Oliver Wyman — Delta Executive Learning Center, and former President of Mercer Delta Consulting. He consults to executive committees, CEOs, and senior leaders in the areas of leadership, business strategy, and executive coaching. His clients have included Johnson & Johnson, Nike, PG&E, Kraft, Bank of America, Fidelity, Sara Lee, Target, Sun, Shell, Novartis, Medtronic, and Toshiba.

David is the co-author of nine best-selling books, including ‘Head, Heart, and Guts: How the World’s Best Companies Develop Complete Leaders’; ‘Why CEOs Fail’, ‘Action Coaching’, ‘Unnatural Leadership’, ‘Action Learning: How the World’s Top Companies Are Re-Creating Their Leaders and Themselves’ and ‘Leadership Passages: The Personal and Professional Transitions That Make or Break a Leader’. His newest book, published in April of 2009, ‘Leading in Times of Crisis: How to Navigate Complexity, Diversity, and Uncertainty to Save Your Company’ has been translated into six languages. He is the co-editor of the Pfeiffer Leadership Development Annual, which each year compiles the research and practice of leading thinkers and practitioners in the field of leadership development throughout the world. He is a certified psychologist in career development, life planning, and numerous psychological inventories.

"Resonant Leadership and Coaching with Compassion"

Prof. Richard Boyatzis (click image to listen)

Richard Boyatzis is Distinguished University Professor, as well as Professor in the Departments of Organizational Behaviour, Psychology, and Cognitive Science at Case Western Reserve University and Adjunct Professor at ESADE. He is the author of more than 150 articles and books on leadership, competencies, Emotional Intelligence (EI), and change from a complexity perspective, including: The Competent Manager); Primal Leadership with Daniel Goleman and Annie McKee; Resonant Leadership, with Annie; Becoming a Resonant Leader, with Annie McKee and Francis and Transforming Qualitative Information.

Professor Boyatzis’ current research includes several fMRI studies into the neural systems activated when engaged in Intentional Change efforts of arousing the Positive Emotional Attractor, as well as resonant versus dissonant leadership. He is also involved in numerous research studies of coaching, doctor-patient relationships and teacher-student relationships that foster sustained, desired change. His current writing includes exploration of Intentional Change Theory as it explains sustained, desired change at all levels of human functioning, from individual, to dyad, to team, to organization, to community, to country and global change.

Prior to becoming a professor in 1987, he had been President and CEO of McBer and Company (a research oriented human resource consulting company) for 11 years and COO of Yankelovich, Skelly & White (a market research company) for 3 years. During these years he worked on various projects from treatment of alcoholics and drug addicts to the development of competency based human resource systems and competency assessment validation. Prior to that he had been a psychologist for the Veterans Administration.



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